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Speed-up FEA post-processing

Once you have run your FEA model and produced results, how do you know if your structure is conform the requirements according to international standards like ISO, DNV, ABS, EUROCODE etc?

For structural engineers it can be a time consumable job to perform a structural analysis on a steel truss design. The finite element analysis software provides the yield stresses straight away, but this information is barely enough to judge if the structural design is adequate. What about instability due to buckling and how to handle built-in tolerances?

I hear your thoughts: "This can all be analyzed with the available FEA software", which is a true thought. However, ask yourself if this is the best time efficient solution. Performing a buckling analysis on a model with a lot of loadcases can take a long time since every loadcase requires a separate analysis. In combination with incorporation of all possible tolerances into your FE model, this is generally a very time consumable method. After all, the offsets due to the tolerances will initiate buckling.

FEA post-processing; the solution

International standards are developed to guarantee better reliability and virtue of the construction.  These guidelines are based on thorough tests of structures which include built-in tolerances, weld defects, material property deviations etc.  These results are more practical than FEA results.  FE models are generally straight and without tolerances, which is far from reality.  Therefore you should also check the structure against these standards. This is now made easy by a plug-in for FE packages like FEMAP and ANSYS. See also the short video for truss structures.

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Why wasting time if the solution is found here.  Analyse the joints and beams in your truss structure in just a few minutes. Determine the thickness of your stiffener plate to prevent buckling in just a few seconds. Request a free trial of the software and test it yourself.

FEM Data Streamliner provides the toolbox for structural engineers. We provide solutions to make your work more efficient. This gives you more time to perform your actual job which is to invent the best load path, how to minimize stress concentrations and the best construction for fatigue design.

Offshore, marine and heavy mechanical industry

The provided software is developed by engineers working in the field of offshore, marine and heavy mechanical industry. It contains the strength requirements as laid down in standards provided by the major certification authorities, like DNV and ABS and standards like ISO, Eurocode , API and AISC. The post processing software acts as “add-on” to finite element software package FEMAP or ANSYS.

The software is provided together with FEM tips and tricks and information of what is covered in the guidelines.  We like to help you getting up and running, making it easier to evaluate the design strength of truss and stiffened plate structures according to one of the required international standards.

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