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Panel Buckling: The calculation sheet below gives the user the opportunity to perform a calculation based on standards DNV-RP-C201 (or Eurocode 1993-1-5) or ABS buckling guide. In exchange we would like to file your (valid) e-mail address so that we can keep you informed of our software developments. As soon as you press the 'Calculation' button you will be asked for your e-mail address, after which you must confirm it before the calculation is performed. Thank you for your interest in FEMDS.COM!

Panel dimensions:

Length (l): mm
Width (s): mm
Thickness (t): mm
Panel stresses
(positive is compression):
Stress X: MPa
Stress Y: MPa
Shear: MPa
Pressure: MPa

Material factor: WSD UF:
Material data
E-Modulus: MPa
Yield stress: MPa
Ultimate stress: MPa
Effective Width =
UC Pressure =
UC =

h web: mm
t web: mm
Girder length (Lg): mm
Yield stress: MPa
Ultimate stress: MPa
z* =
Failure mode:

hG web: mm
tG web: mm
wG flange: mm
tG flange: mm
Panel length (Lp): mm
Yield stress: MPa
Ultimate stress: MPa
z* =
UC =
Failure mode:

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