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Structural analysis guidelines for generation and interpretation of Finite Element Models.

The difference between hand calculations and FEA results is sometimes not that easy to explain. Therefore this page gives some contant about some tips and tricks about FEA explanation and prevention of FEA pitfalls.

FEM recommendations to prevent some general FEA pitfalls:

(These tips are also required to have the FEA ready for the FEMDS software)

Influence of effective panel width on beam bending capacity

When the effective width of panels is smaller than the distance between the stiffeners, this has an influence on results of an elastic Finite Element Model. Click on the influence of the effective width on de cross section to find out what is meant.

Eigenvalue buckling (linear buckling) results not for practical use

In general buckling Eigenvalue leads to too optimistic values for elastic buckling and using a 'rule of thumb' factor of 2.0 leads to a too heavy design.  This is explained in 'Why the buckling Eigenvalue is not a trustful way to estimate buckling.'

Bearing stresses in FEA sometimes larger than σult

In FEA peak stresses occur due to stress concentrations. Also for bearing stresses. But, what bearing stress value is applicable in design? Generally, the bearing stress capacity is underestimated by engineers.

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