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frame structure

Frame structure analysis using the plug-in for FEMAP and/or ANSYS users.

A tool to check the strength of beam members and its connections according to standards like API-RP-2A, ISO19902 and AISC.

This FEA post-processing program does the following checks on your frame structure:

  • Column checks on tension, compression and bending, including buckling;
  • For brace to chord connections; punching shear check of symmetrical I-beams, round and rectangular hollow beam members;
  • Stress concentrations in the connections, including fatigue stress ranges of round hollow section members;

The program automatically detects chord and brace members and determines their lengths for the orientation of in-plane and out-of-plane buckling. The figure below shows a part of the building where the chord length needs to be distinguished between all the beam elements

Definition of chord length

The video below shows you briefly how quick you can perform a check on your frame structure when working in FEMAP or in ANSYS.

Video: "FEM Postprocessing: structural strength check of frame structures in FEMAP."

How to strength check a frame structure in FEMAP:

Video: "FEM Postprocessing: structural strenghth check of frame structures in Ansys."

How to strength check a frame structure in ANSYS:

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