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Strength analysis of plate structures according to standards of DNV or ABS

Optimization of plate structures is important to save structure weight. But how do you do that?

The answer is; by checking the construction to the applicable standard.

Plate structures consist of plates, stiffeners and girders. These structures can be analyzed, by the most applicable codes in the industry, in accordance with DNV or ABS standards.

FE model results from linear elastic analyses don't give you much more than only a Von Mises check. If the user wants to check more than this, often a non-linear model is required which consumes a lot of time, especially when a large number of loadcases is involved. The FEMDS software works with the results of the linear model, which in many times, doesn't require the additional time to perform your non-linear analyses.

The movie below shows how the failure envelope for the Von Mises criterion is affected to include panel buckling according to the standards.  It also shows that calculation of stiffeners and girders by linear elastic mechanics is in many times too optimistic.

Video: "FEM Postprocessing: plate stiffened structures"

Plate structure strength check according to international standards.

The FEMDS software comes with a quick hand calculation tool and a FE model plug-in, to quickly check whether the FE model strength results are in accordance with the standards.

The hand calculator is ideal for concept engineering. In first instance the engineer doesn't know what the most optimal size is of a stiffener or girder for the structure. It is also unnecessary to have these stiffeners and girders defined in detail in the first FE model. The software takes care of it, which makes it possible to iterate very quickly. When the stiffeners are finally chosen (dependent on loadcase, accessibility, logistics and workability) the FE model can be added with these stiffener and /or girder elements.

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