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The demands for simulation of complex structure designs is growing every day.  Computers produce gigabytes of data which need to be handled somehow.  FEM Data Streamliner helps structural engineers to handle these complex data streams. We develop software solutions to facilitate the post-processing of complex Finite Element Models. 

We are an independent engineering company who offer appropriate solutions for clients to check whether the structural design is in accordance with general accepted standards of today. We can do this for our customers, but the customer can also choose to perform the check by themselves using the software we can license to them.

The software solutions we offer are performed in a secured "in the cloud" area, to facilitate maintenance and ensure that always the latest software is available.  "In the cloud" is also the solution for customers who don't want to buy another software package license forever. They only pay when they need to use the software.

This way we are confident in providing the best service to our customers.


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